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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
SES203102 English for Teachers 4
SES203105 ICT in Education (Level 1) 2
SES203106 ICT in Education (Level 2) 2
SES203103 Language and Literacy Instructions 4
SES203104 Leading change in Educational Institution 4
SES203101 Teachers as Researchers 4
SES201208 Understanding teacher and the practice of teacher education 4
SES202106 Developing Early Childhood Curriculum 4
SES202102 Early Childhood Care and Education in India 4
SES202103 Engaging with Families and Communities 4
SES202301 Field Attachment 1 in Diverse Childhood Settings 1
SES202302 FA in Early Childhood Education Centres 2
SES202303 Internship 2
SES202304 Field Attachment 3 2
SES202305 Dissertation 6
SES202107 Inclusion of Young Children with Disabilities 4
SES201212 Language Development and Early Literacy 4
SES202210 Literature and the Young Child 4
SES202105 Observing and Assessing Young Children’s Development and Learning 4
SES202101 Play, Learning and Creativity 4
SES201105 Understanding Children and Childhood 4
SES203310 Workshops 1
SES201311 Basic Research Skills and Training (BRST) 1
SES201201 Education and Development 4
SES201211 Educational Organisation and Leadership 4
SES201213 Global Childhoods 4
SES201210 Gender and Education (GE) 4
SES201103 History of Education in Modern India (HOEMI) 4
SES201107 Introduction to Educational Research 4
SES201102 Introduction to Educational Thought 2
SES201313 Introductory Statistics in education 1
SES201216 Multilingual Education in Indian Context 4
SES201206 Psycho-Social Experience of Failure in Education 4
SES201110 An Introduction to Philosophy of Education 2
SES201111 A Philosophical Perspective for Education 2
SES202201 Qualitative Research Methods (QLRM) 4
SES201209 Reading Educational Policies: Contexts and Practices (REP) 4
SES201312 Self Development Workshop 2
SES202204 Quantitative Research Methods 4
SES201104 State, Society and Education 4
SES 201105 Understanding Children and Childhood 4
SES201202 School knowledge, Curriculum and Texts [Advanced Course in Curriculum Studies 4
SES201106 Curriculum Theory and Practice 4
SES201101 Education in India Institutions Systems and Structures (EIISS) 2
SES301102 Mapping Education Studies 2
SES201205 Introduction to Teacher Education 4
SES20130 Research-based 6
SES201301 Non-School Field Attachment 2
SES201302 School Field Attachment 2
SES201207 Comparative Studies in History of Education 4
SES201109 The Experience of Education: Immersed Reflections 4
SES201214 Understanding Disability through Cinema Representations 4
SES201215 Digital Storytelling – Practices, Potential and Limits to Communication 4
SES201217 Education and School Ethnography [Qualitative Research Methods Elective Basket 4
SES201303 Dissertation 6
SES203103 Learning and Development in the Early Years 4
SES203107 Instructions in Middle and Secondary School Algebra and Geometry 4
SES203109 Education, Vulnerability and Sustainable Development 4
SES301103 Research Methodology I – Nature of Inquiry in Social Science Research (NISSR) 2
SES301104 Research Methodology II: Methodologies in Education Research (MER) 2
SES301105 Guided Reading 2
SES301201 Education and Social Mobility 2
ses301202 Politics and Education in India 2
SES301203 Discourse Analysis and Understanding Educational Practice 2
SES301204 Multilingual Education: Practices, Challenges and Possibilities 2
SES301205 Quantitative Research Methods in Education 2
SES301206 Qualitative Case Study Methods 2
SES301207 Critical Literacy 2
SES202212 Sociology of Education 4
SES203108 Science Education: Critical approaches to Curriculum and Pedagogy 4
SES202211 Inclusion of Young Children with Disability 4
SES202213 Education and Equity 4
SES301209 Feminist Pedagogies 2
NA Guided Reading 4
NA Research Methodology 1: Research in Education 4
NA Research Methodology 2: Research in ELE 4
NA English Language Education Overview 4
SES201223 Multi-voiced Classrooms & Feminist Pedagogies 4
SES201221 Linguistic Diversity, Rights and Education 4