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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSES2013111

Semester and Year Offered: Monsoon semester (MA Education 1st semester)

Course Coordinator and Team: Dr. Nivedita Sarkar

Email of course coordinator:

Pre-requisites: None

Course Objectives/Description: This is a compulsory workshop course. The workshop sessions are designed to introduce and familiarise the students to some of the basic skills in doing research and academic writing. The workshop sessions are aimed at providing hands-on- learning opportunities to students. This requires students to be attentive and participate in the workshop sessions. These sessions includes- introducing them to the University library system and the computer laboratory facilities. The workshop course will attempt at providing students the information and skills for accessing learning facilities and resources available to them both in print and on the internet. Orient students to the skills of reading and writing academic writings and texts. The workshop sessions will also orient students on plagiarism and on broad ethical issues while doing in research. Students will be oriented on how cite and acknowledge sources and ideas in their academic writings.

Course Outcomes: On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Use university library and e-resources for searching academic literature
  2. Make concise and helpful notes from academic readings
  3. Summarise academic writings and paraphrase relevant sections (with due citation) for academic writing.
  4. Identify writing topics, collect relevant literature and prepare annotated bibliography.
  5. Prepare blueprint for academic writing such as essays and term papers.
  6. Write in APA format with proper citations, footnotes and referencing.
  7. Understand what is plagiarism and how it constitutes to unethical research and writing practices and use internet tools for checking plagiarism.


Brief description of modules/ Main modules:




Module 1:

Use of Library & Internet resources


How to use the library? Activities- searching articles/books online using different search engines; creating folder using MS word, documenting and related exercised.

Module 2:

Note making

Note making while reading academic texts and for doing literature review;

Module 3: Paraphrasing and summarising


What are paraphrasing & summarising? How are they used in academic writing and activities on same.

Module 4: Writing skills

Process approach to writing: How to develop a paper- thinking about themes and topic, doing relevant literature research, structuring the essay by preparing blue-print.


Module 5:

annotated bibliography


Collecting resources, reviewing literature; developing annotated bibliographies.



Module 6:

Referencing APA style & footnotes and endnotes


Referencing, how to quote some author, paraphrasing, summary, etc. Style manual (APA)- use of website, and using various software for the purpose.

Module 7: Plagiarism


Plagiarism: what is it? How to avoid it, ethical issues, challenges, etc.


Assessment Details with weights:

The assessment will be based on students participation in various tasks related to each module and the successful completion of the tasks.