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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSES2023042

Semester and Year Offered:Semester 3, Monsoon

Course Coordinator and Team:   Monimalika Day, Gunjan Sharma

Email of course coordinator:

Pre-requisites: none

Course Objectives/Description:

The major objective of field attachment is to help students make sense of and reflect on different field experiences in relation to theoretical concepts and principles presented in class. Field attachment is offered across the first three Semesters of the programme. This field attachment will focus on enabling students to understand and work with children with disabilities.

Course Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Develop nuanced understanding of pedagogical practices in early childhood classrooms.
  2. Plan developmentally appropriate activities for young children with disabilities (aged 2-8 years) and implement them in classrooms.
  3. Study the role of various intervening social factors impacting teacher’s role in special schools/preschools/schools.
  4. To study ‘inclusion’ of children in preschools/early grades.
  5. To reflect upon the field experiences in preschool/early grades and link them with theoretical constructs.


Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

In FA 3 students will be placed in preschools/early grades/special schools for a period of 5-7 days in one block or throughout the semester. The preschool/school/special school will be chosen as field sites based on several considerations: (1) good pedagogical practices and developmentally and culturally appropriate curriculum, (2) classes running continuously in the block period of placement, (3) agreement on dates for field attachment and (4) school teachers willing to guide our students and act as field mentors. The field mentors will guide our students in planning and implementing activities in the classroom and give them feedback as how to improve upon. They will also help the field coordinators in supervising student’s field attachment by maintaining attendance record of our students and by giving critical feedback about our students’ performance on field.

The field coordinators will share the objectives of the field attachment with preschool/ primary/special school/ school head/principal and the school teachers at the beginning of the field attachment. They will also coordinate with the school teachers and the principals in the middle and end of the field attachment to get feedback about our student’s performance on field.

Reading List:

Will be provided by the faculty for debriefing sessions.

Assessment Details with Weighs:

  1. Assignment 1: Reflective Journal and participation based on field experiences (50%)
  2. Assignment 2: Presentation (50%)